Thursday, 31 July 2014

And theres more.....Senior moments !!!

Oh my dear Lord.....nearly forgot where i was......

so yet another senior moment...I think

My daughter very kindly offered to sort my phone out cuz i kept havin a messge cum up sayin ' running out of space, more room needed....;  or wrds 2 that effect.
' U need a bigger card' she then she spent a couple of hrs transferring crap from one to the other...u get the picture?.
She then informed me that i wud need to change the cards over when it ad finished doin wot eva it was that it was doin!!!!  U still with me ?
now me and phones are really not compatable,  so  the idea that i might b able to put anythin in or out is absurd to say the least   lol
ahhh  i no wot i wud do....put the li'l card in the bak of the fone inside the case for safe keepin til she cud do it....soundz like a plan
neva giv it another thought!!
Dayz on and my fone starts up again....more space required!!!   wtf....
so i get on to my forever sufferin daughter.....fones still playin up!!!
'Did you change the card over ??'
What card??   Oh s**t......its stil in the case for safe keepin!!!   lmao....i meant 2 get one of the boys 2 put it in for me....must of slipt my mind!!!!!!
We are not amused........

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