Thursday, 10 December 2015

#Dentist phobia overcome but not defeated.....I did it.....i had my teeth whitened!!!!

Warning....this contains items that some people may find distressing

I have had a phobia of dentists for as long as I can remember...obviously it is something I have had to address on many occasions so as i could keep my teeth in a reasonably good condition...but I have never found it easy to say the least.......the very idea would bring me out in sweats and anxiety attacks. 
But I also love nice teeth and I think it is very important to look after them.

SO it was after much thought and worry that I decided i needed my teeth whitened...(after 50 years of they were definitely over due !!! 😨 )
This is a brief account of my experience:

For once I didn't really do much research....probably should have. ..spoke to a few friends etc.  They spoke of sensitivity for a few days etc....some said they couldn't see any difference. ...and so forth.
I really wasn't prepared for the device they put in your mouth 😲 call me naive  ( but I won't answer to it ho ho ho 😉 ) 
It was uncomfortable. ..not painful 
I had 3 x 20 minutes sessions which were interrupted briefly by another coat of the whitening all about an hour with this device in your mouth

It was almost impossible to speak.... ( which did not go down well with me )
And I had to keep still...again something I am not good at..
I didn't experience much sensitivity at the time but a few hours later I did.
It lasted for a couple of days..i took a couple of paracetamol which helped
I avoided colourful food and red wine for several days as advised.

It was not an enjoyable experience.....but i was pleased with the result....i think the lady had quite a tall order.....

this is a before and after....not mine i must say.

This is b4 ( and i am not happy that i have had to show it ) yuk!!!

But this is the after..So just need to get them straightened

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