Friday, 20 November 2015

It takes all sorts

People that come into our lives  

one of the things I like about my job is that I meet a lot different two days are the same....and some people leave a lasting memory.....

one such person was,,,,shall we call him Mr Sad ( a short 3 letter word that said a multitude of things about this man )
there is no disrespect meant by this is truly how I saw him

' Good morning Sir, how are u today ?'
'Could b better ' was his short reply
he was an eldery man in his early 90's, he appeared physically healthy and of sound mind.  He was neatly dressed
 and well spoken.
I booked him in and asked him to take a seat until it was his turn.
He apologised for being early, to which I replied that it was absolutly fine and no need to apologise.
' I dont like to be late, but these days I'm seem to b even earlier....'
he continued
'My wife died a few months ago....and I seem to have so much time on my hands now.....we were married for over 70 years you know....she was my best friend'
I'm sorry for your loss, I told him
'We used to go dancing....we danced in the tower in Backpool u know....we'd already got our holiday booked for this Xmas'
He continued to relay several events of there lives
The fact that hed spent some time with his children since his wife had died...and that he felt he was in the way ( even though his children were very kind and very caring...he assured me )
'She wouldnt b very pleased with me ......mopeing about....feeling sorry for myself you know.....Get on with it she'd say to me...whats done is done.....move on!!!!'
Thats what I miss....the Bantor.......
When he left after his appointment.....I realised what an impact he'd had on me.......I wandered about him going back to an empty home....preparing his food alone....going to bed alone.....
So if you have an opportunity to smile at someone today or just spend a few moments to ask how someone is....then do.....
It might be the only bit of company they have today

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