Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Its over before its began

Xmas I'm talking about......

And there's more....Image result for emoticons
All that rushing about last month like a mad fool...will she like that the right they like smellies.....shud i buy matchin wellies!!!!!
Image result for wellies cartoons

and here we are.... with a day before New Years Eve
All the pre-xmas panic a thing of the past.

wrapping paper in the bin....

.at last

Auld Lang Syne will soon be upon us
Image result for auld lang syne

So please dont worry ...bout a thing....cuz as u just seen....everythins gonna b alright
cuz u got a whole 361 days before Xmas

This is my message to you ........
Image result for new year eve wishes quotesImage result for new year eve wishes quotes

Godbless you and yours...

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