Sunday, 25 June 2017


A little bit about my 7 day break in Portugal...

 fotos by chardonnay 2017

Four of us ladies on a 7 day break in sunny Portugal ( which was very hot..about 30 degrees most days ) 
we were very fortunate and stayed in a beautiful villa belonging to someone we say it was amazing was an understatement.... beautifully and exquisitely furnished....with everything one could possibly an amazing location...( yes you are waiting for the BUT? )
and this is not a critisism 
it was too quiet for me personally
I like people watching..and I also like to be amongst the locals...local cafes...etc
( this was more for very wealthy british retirees )
We did go into Lagos one day  which I really enoyed...
beautiful cobbled narrow sreets...quaint cafes...a lovly marina..lots of locals mulling about... a few market stalls...lovly..
(unfortunately I did not take many fotos as I thought I would be returning to Lagos....sadly I did not)  I think the moral of this is always take the fotos when the opportunity arises..
( dont put off til tomorrow what you can do today !! )

 foto by chardonnay 2017
some of the beautiful flowering cacti
its fair to say I feel very priviliged to have the opportunity to see this beautiful country
Thank the Lord 

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