Thursday, 29 June 2017

keep trying to prove myself

Its fair to say that most of us are constantly trying to prove ourselves!!!!
and most of the time its to others....
to prove we are worthy..
to prove we can do something...
prove we are as good as others...
and is anybody really bothered...( they're more interested in theirselves...fact )

And then sometimes ( especially in my case ) 
its about proving to oneself!!!
And I think its a lot harder job...
we as individuals... are very critical ..especially to ourselves..
that inner voice pushing us..questioning us..
' You could do that better '
' you could accomplish that if you tried harder '
' you could be a better wife/mother/friend '
' you could be kinder/more considerate '
' you could be slimmer '
' you could run faster '
' you could be more flexible '
And so it goes on ..... And where does it end...

the moral of the story ????

Image result for be the best you can be

really?? who are you trying to kid ( my inner voice already !!!! LOL ) πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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