Monday, 4 July 2016

1m 89 how did that happen

There are some wonderful old people out there......and i'm sure most of them are wondering 
'how the hell did i get to be this age '

they all have some wonderful stories to tell...with most of them going through at least one World War !!
and if you ask them , most of them will be happy to tell you a tale or two 
    joking apart.....
the experiences they have been through make them the people they are,,,,experiences that we can only dream about or nightmare about !!!

Great old folk with lots to next time some old dear or old fella starts wittering on.....take a few minutes to listen to their tale...
chances are it will make you smile ....and at the very least it will make you think........

Old folks are worth a fortune,
with silver in their hair,
gold in their teeth,
stones in their kidneys,
lead in their feet and
gas in their stomachs.

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